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Asia-Pacific Fastener News Magazine is a professional magazine which focuses on promoting Taiwanese & Chinese fasteners to global markets in the hardware Industry.

This magazine is a monthly issue in English. It contains information of updated global fastener news and latest information on Taiwanese & Chinese fastener manufacturers......

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Sealing against Water, Moisture and Dust pre-applied under head Sealant
TSLG bring in NYPLAS® that solves manufacturer needs for a fastener that seals and dampens without the need for additional parts at assembly.NYPLAS® can be applied to an extensive range of fastener types, such as rivet nuts, break-stem rivets and a wide range of screw type components. We currently process a range of Headed Components, Studs, Plugs and similar size parts. We can apply our coating to ferrous or non-ferrous materials (Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Brass). NYPLAS® is pre-applied coating under the heads of a variety of fasteners to provide sealing against water, moisture, dust, air and noise dampening. Therefore, in the aerospace, automotive, mechanical, power tools, electronic motors, Telecommunications, construction, warehousing rack and major industries have been used widely.
NYPLAS® offers a number of distinct advantages:
Seals/dampens immediately upon assembly
Eliminates the need for O-rings, gasket seals and sealant compounds?
Eliminates leak path
Non-toxic, assembler friendly
Excellent shelf life; will not shrink or dry out with age
Saves money and time
Working temperature: -40 F to 300 F (-40Cto 150C)
No effect on fastener hardness
No secondary material required
NYPLAS® meets and exceeds these industry specifications:

GM GM 6086M-Type 3 GM 1131M-Type D
Ford ESB-M4G70-A/B WSK-M4G70C
Chrysler MSCD-43  

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