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Lock Screw
Lock Screw
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High temperature, Anti Vibration Processing
NYTEMP® is the most advanced high-temperature self-locking patch material available in the fastener industry. NYTEMP® is the most advanced high temperature anti-vibration and locking patch. The orange patch has been developed to meet the military and NASAs need for a locking element that would meet their toughest standards and deliver world-class performance
NYTEMP® offers a number of distinct advantages:
Torque and clamp load stability up to 450 F (232C), more than any other patch material available today
Meets NASAs low outgassing requirements
Patch-type non-metallic locking element - eliminates the need for metal removal
Vibration resistant:MIL-STD-1312 #7
Temperature range: -70 F to (-50C) to 450 F (232C)
Variable patch length and location
180 (standard) or 360 (optional) radial coverage
Patch can be applied to both internal and external thread fasteners of all types: nuts, screws, bolts, studs and specials
Features the industrys highest reusability: 15 cycles
Can be tailored to your application
NYTEMP® meets and exceeds these industry specifications:

Company Name Specifications
Detroit Diesel TES-113
GM 6189P
Ford WA97O
Chrysler PF6157
ANSI B.18.16.1M
Military MIL-DTL-18240F
AN, MS and NAS Parts

NYTEMP® is a registered trademark of USA Nylok

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / TS16949

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