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Chipboard Screws
Chipboard Screws
  • Products Name: Chipboard Screws
  • High Quality Product
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Products Infomation

1. Drilling time is 50% less than that of standard thread ones.
2.Drilling torque is 35~45% less than those of standard thread ones.
3.The pull-out is superior to the standard ones so the screws cannot be pulled out easily.
4.The design of sawed teeth and type 17 slot can assure no crack incurred on the drilled material.
5. The material id special and the bending angle can reach to 90 degree. Unique properties resist against earthquakes and typhoons.
6. Chipboard Screws are applied with Germany Gleitmo 627 wax which can reduce tightening torque, improve clamping force and stabilize as well as reduce friction coefficience.
These long screws are produced by machines imported from Germany, and their coatings are plated by chemicals of U.S. and Germany origin.
The quality of our screws can be equated with that of Germany ones

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