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Taizhou Shanwa Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Taizhou Shanwa Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Taizhou Shanwa Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in China Auto& Motor Parts Zone, which is in Yuhuan County, Zhejiang Province. Our company specializes in producing passenger auto chassis Parts, Wheel hub unit, and all kinds of High- Strength nuts and bolts.
In order to explore global market and adapt to the development need, Our company fully expand the range of exports, with more variety and more vehicle marketing strategy, select more High- Quality factory cooperation and collect all plant inventory, even to provide diversified products for domestic and foreign brokers advice. Now our company has cooperated with Shanxi Automobile Group, Jinhua Youth Group, Great Wall Group and other large OEMs.
Our technical team has the ability of developing new products, with many years of industry experience. We hope to further expand domestic and foreign markets based on the original sales.
We are heartily expecting your consultation and hope to cooperate with you in the future.


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Taizhou Shanwa Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.

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Kassbohrer Central Bolt,Neoplan Engine Adjusting Bolt,Screw,High Degree Hex Bolt,Bolt,Adjusting Bolt,Yutong Classic Wheel Bolt,Kassbohrer Central Bolt,Half Axle Bolt,Kassbohrer Wheel Bolt,Alumminum-Rim Wheel Nut,Man Alumminum-Rim Wheel Nut,C.V. Joint Nut




Zhenxing Rord,Kanmen,Yuhuan,Zhejiang







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