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Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd.
Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd.

About Us

Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd., a specialist in manufacturing screws, was establishehd by president Lucky Tu in 1973. Over the past three decades, Sheh Fung has spared no efforts in promoting innovation through R&D and the accumulated experiences and expertise of its employees. Every step in the manufacturing process, beginning from the input of line material to packaging is under strict supervision by QC personnel. Each step must pass a QC test before entering the next step. Moreover, Sheh Fung has equipped itself with advanced techniques in design and manufacturing to assist clients that ask for customized products.

In 1989, Sheh Fung was ranked as one of Taiwans top 1,000 enterprises-the first time for the company. Moreover, to increase the quality of its products and service, the company improved its processes in order to earn an ISO 9001:2000 certification in July 1993. The company has been consistent in pursuing excellence, quality, and the most state-of-the-art technologies.

Sheh fungs quality process has earned the certifications from ISO9001: 2000 and Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation (CNLA).
Sheh Fung has invested much of its efforts into research and developing the most advanced testing facilities and technologies.
In addition to business activities, Sheh Fung is also active in philanthropies. It has created the Sheh Fung Good Deed and Wisdom Foundation.
Sheh Fung uses four hearts to create its business culture and value.

Established in: 1973
Capital: NT$ 300,000,000.
Chairman: Abraham Chen
President: Kent Chen
No. of Employees: 220
Annual Turnover: about NT$2,000,000,000

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Company Name:

Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd.

Main Product:

Drywall Screw,Chipboard Screw,Self-Drilling Screw,Tapping Screw,Decking Screw,Masonry(Concrete) Screw,Wood Screw,Machine Screw,Roofing Screw,Type 17 Screw,Connecting Screw,Bimetal Screw,Laminating Screw

Main Markets:

North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe




3F-3, No. 34, Chengde Rd Section 7, Beitou Dist, Taipei City, Taiwan


Mr. Ming Shen Lee





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