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Asia-Pacific Fastener News Magazine is a professional magazine which focuses on promoting Taiwanese & Chinese fasteners to global markets in the hardware Industry.

This magazine is a monthly issue in English. It contains information of updated global fastener news and latest information on Taiwanese & Chinese fastener manufacturers......

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Haiyan Haoye Hardware Co., Ltd.
Haiyan Haoye Hardware Co., Ltd.

About Us

Haiyan Haoye Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional hardware company, located in Haiyan city of Zhejiang province. We have been always serving various customers with the spirit of "Quality is our foundation, and customers are our priority". We provide various kinds of fasteners and hardware, such as thread rods, U-bolts, screws, carriage bolts, hexagon head bolts, square head bolts, flat counter sunk square neck bolts, cup head nib bolts, square head bolts, hex lag bolts, hex head machine bolts, T-head bolts, wing screws, self tapping screws and self drilling screws. We export many kinds of products to the United States, Europe, South Africa and Japan. We are devoted to developing in order to keep up with the world market.

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Company Name:

Haiyan Haoye Hardware Co., Ltd.

Main Product:

Thread rod, stud bolt, U-bolt, anchor/foundation bolt, carriage bolt, hexagon head bolt, T head bolt, hex bolt, washer, attaching/joint nut, hexagon head nut, fish bolt, flange bolt, hex head machine bolt, thread bar

Business Type:


Main Markets:

North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Eastern Asia
Western Europe




Luotang Village, Qinshan Town , Haiyan County, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China


Mr. Jiansheng Jiang





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