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Foshan Shunde Perfect Hardware Accessories Co., Ltd.
Foshan Shunde Perfect Hardware Accessories Co., Ltd.

About Us

Foshan Shunde Perfect Hardware Accessories Co.,Ltd. (Original Foshan Shunde Pengda Fastener Co.,Ltd.)was established in 1992, which has been making fasteners for more than 15 years. We specialize in various high quality hardware like furnishing screws, fasteners and nonstandard fasteners etc. Perfect has been producing and offering high quality and reliable products basing on advanced manufacturing equipment with good quality raw-materials, strictly technological processes and perfect detection equipment with highly professional experienced technique teams as well as high qualified management staffs. In the past years, weve been working for new creative products, adopting advanced casting skills both from domestic and abroad. Our company provides different kinds of training opportunities for technical crew on more professional knowledge and more customer-service oriented training to sales team. Nowadays, our existed customers are throughout all over China and some European & Asian countries. Whilst gaining customers worldwide, we are also engaged in exploring new product range and markets over the world. From apprentice,master to boss, For more than 20 years,i have been continuously dedicating into these small screws,treating it as my business,my blessness and my life. I deeply know that customers treat their products seriously although it just a unattractive screw,it represents integrity and quality. So,we take each or even hundreds of thousand small screws in earnest. Comrade Lei Feng once said: I prefer to be a small screw. And I have been trying to be an outstanding screw. Speeched by the chairman of Perfect.

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Foshan Shunde Perfect Hardware Accessories Co., Ltd.

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Screws,self-tapping screws,nuts,furniture accessories,furniture screws,fasteners,non-standard fasteners,non-standard screws,furniture nuts,rivets,assembled screws,rotational nails,hexagonal keys,shelf supporting nails,wheel nails

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#18, North Road, Huanglian, Leliu, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China


Mr. Yigang Ruan





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