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Kunshan Yea-Ok Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Yea-Ok Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

About Us

Kunshan Yea-ok hardware CO, .Ltd was established in May 2006. Our corporation is a professional non-standard hardware design and production company which combined head forming, roll threading, precision turning, punching stretching and cell packed together. There are nearly 100 equipments for non-standard hardware production. In addition, we have been certificated by the Quality Management System of ISO9001:2008, TS16949 and so on.
Relyed on reputation, the intelligent and the conception in advance, we form the core competitiveness of our enterprise. We provide solutions for non-standard production and spare no effects to become your best partner in this hardware field. We are the excellent supplier by customer which in auto industry? We d like to make a long-term cooperation and join hands with the top leaders of different fields. Let s hand in hand for our bright future.

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Company Name:

Kunshan Yea-Ok Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Main Product:

Basket net,Ring clip,Hexagon weld nuts,wood screw,u bolt,Double-headed screws,Tapping screws,Hexagon socket cap screws,Threaded rods yonk,Cross drive truss head tapping screws,Split cotter pins,Nails,Hexagon nuts with flange,Wing nuts germany form,Nylon N

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east.nanjishan development zone dashi town.kunshan city.jiangsu.China





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