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Raying Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Raying Industrial Co.,Ltd.

About Us

RaYing Industrial Co., Ltd. located in south of Taiwan. We are one of fasteners supplier for many kinds fasteners and Hardware worldwide. For years of development, it expand the many production ranges including Screws , Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Hardwares. There are our products as the following, [SCREWS] Hex cap screws, hex socket cap Screws, chipboard Screws, drywall Screws, self drilling screws, furniture screws, machine screws, carriage screws, long screws, window screws, T bolts, square head screws, concrete screws, self tapping screws, flange screws, weld screws, thread rod, special scrwes. [NUTS] weld Nuts DIN929 DIN928, flange weld nuts , special Weld Nuts, special nuts, hex Nuts DIN934, nylon lock Nuts DIN985, flange nuts, DIN6923, square Nuts. insert nuts, clinich nuts, tee nuts, U nuts, castle nuts, cage nuts, wheel nuts, K nuts, wing nuts, high nuts, cap nuts. [WASHERS] Flat Washers, DIN125, DIN9021, DIN6916, Spring Washers, DIN127, DIN6916 , wave washers, conical washers, square washers, special washers on.
We supply fasteners for domestic market and overseas such like, East-South Asia, North America, European, Middle-East.and so on.
We also have good co-operation with many manufactures from Taiwan and Mainland China.
We strictly control the technique flows in order to provide customers for good quality of all products.

Customers satisfaction
Our products meet the inquirement of the customers in good quality and complete-grade.
We supply many kinds of products in accordance with ANSI/ASME, DIN, ISO, JIS Standards and special fasteners.
RaYing also make fasteners and hardware in various surface Finish such as Plain, Black oxide, Zinc Plated (Cr+3, Cr+6), Nickle Plated, Hot Dip Galvanized, Dacromet, Black Phosphate, Geomet and so on.

Why to choose RaYing Industrial Co., Ltd.
RaYing always committed good quality, best prices and fast delivery to make every clients satisfactions.
We are apprecaited that we can develop all aspects with our customers in fasteners world.
We insist on good reputation to serve customers sincerely and welcome more partners come from domestic and oversea to contact us for future co-operation.
We are confident to be your reliable partners in the future.

Contact Us

Company Name:

Raying Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Main Product:

Machine Screws,Hex Head Cap Screws,Flange Bolt,Carriage Bolts,Hex Socket Head Cap Screws,special screws,Self Drilling Screws,Hex Nuts,Hex Nylon Insert lock Nuts,Hex Flange Nuts,Kep Nuts & Tee Nuts,Weld Nuts,square Nuts,Plain washers,Thread Rod,Chipboard S




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